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dexterity and integrity on part of the concerned personnel. Aircraft engineers research, design, manufacture and maintain.

Eligibility: Pass in 10+2 from recognized board with a minimum of 40% marks or equivalent grade in aggregate in physics, chemistry &maths. Admission will be made on the basis of merit of qualifying exam by institutional level admission committee. Preference will be given to JEE 2017 rank holders


Candidates must have passed diploma in engineering technology (Polytechnic) course of duration of 3 years or more from an AICTE approved institute with at least 45% marks in the aggregate (40% in case of candidate belongs to reserved category SC/ ST of all semesters.


Engineers who work in design and development do you like solving technical problems? Are you good at science and math? You might consider becoming an engineer. Engineers are problem solvers who use their expertise in science and math to do their job.

Career Options you can choose from after your B. Tech. /B.E.

  • 1. Campus Placement
  • 2. Go for an M.Tech degree
  • 3. Do an MBA
  • 4. Prepare for Civil Services
  • 5. Short Term Courses
  • 6. Entrepreneurship-Start your venture
  • 7. Go Abroad
  • 8. Join the army
  • 9. Be a Change Maker
  • 10. Explore the artist in you!

      Engineering is an exciting career. Engineers achieve great things. Throughout history, people working in engineering have contributed to their communities, countries, colleagues and civilizations by making tools, machines and countless other things to help people improve their lives and progress onto better things.The diversity of engineering means that whatever your interest, there is probably a place for you working in engineering. From information technology to medical science and mining, from building roads to space travel, engineers are working to make things happen.


      Mining Engineer ensures the safe and efficient development of mines and other surface and underground operations. The role combines an understanding of the effects of these structures on their surrounding environment, as well as technical knowledge and management skills. Mining engineers are involved at all stages of a project. Before a new site is developed, they assess its viability and assist with planning the mine's structure. They also manage and oversee mining production processes and are involved in the final closure and rehabilitation process.

      Mechanical Engineering is the study of motion, energy and force. The mechanical engineer seeks to control these elements by using a combination of material, human and economic resources to develop mechanical solutions that help satisfy the needs and wants of society.

      Civil Engineers specialize in road, bridge, buildings and water supply system design and construction. They supervise and direct construction teams and work with other engineers. These professionals ensure that every structure built is environmentally compliant and can withstand earthquakes and hurricanes. This is especially true in places where these natural calamities often strike.

      Computer Engineersdevelop and improve the software programs and hardware that make computers run. Computer Engineers may specialize in either software or hardware. From operating system software, such as Windows and Linux, to individual computer programs, such as Photoshop and Microsoft Office, Software Engineers turn piles of hardware into fully functional computers. Hardware Engineers develop the hardware of computers, including the motherboards, graphics and audio cards and drives that are later programmed by Software Engineers.

      Electrical Engineersspecialize in power supply and generation. They design, develop, test and supervise electrical equipment manufacturing. They have also been trained to handle responsibilities like wiring and lighting installations in buildings, automobiles and aircraft. What is great about being an electrical engineer is that the training is so extensive that graduates may land a job in many different industries such as construction, manufacturing and design.

      Environmental Engineeruse science and engineering principles to protect and improve the environment. The quality of air, water, and soil is their primary focus. They seek solutions to water-borne diseases, wastewater management, and air pollution. They work to improve recycling, waste disposal, and industrial hygiene. They analyze soil and water samples. They understand the law as it applies to protecting the environment.

      Petroleum Engineerspecialize in designing and developing technology and methods for digging the earth’s surface to extract oil and gas. They find means to obtain either natural gas or crude oil from the ground. In addition, petroleum engineers explore and discover new techniques to extract oil and gas from older wells all over the world.

      Software Engineerare specialists who are in charge of the testing, design, development and maintenance of computer software for business and personal use. They apply the principles of mathematics, engineering and computer science in creating managing software. These professionals are responsible for programming computers to make them operate as they should.

      Agricultural Engineeringis also known as biological engineering, and it covers subjects from aquaculture (raising food sources that thrive in water), to land farming and forestry. These engineers also develop biofuels, plan animal environments, and find better food processing methods. Often they work in offices, but they are also outdoors and traveling to worksites where they oversee equipment functions in agricultural settings, and assure that government regulations are met.

      Chemical Engineerutilize their knowledge of the physical world to manipulate the interactions of individual atoms and molecules. Their talents are generally employed in the research and development of new materials and are critical to numerous fields including nanotechnology, energy storage, and computing. Often working alongside other engineers in interdisciplinary teams to solve humanity's greatest problems, chemical engineers are guaranteed to remain key leaders in securing our future prosperity whether on this planet or any other.